Led Zeppelin's John Bonham was always a drummer's drummer, and more than 30 years after his death, "Bonzo''s beats are still leaving their mark on percussive musicians.

A notable list of Bonham disciples — among them Steven Adler (formerly of Guns N' Roses), Simon Wright (ex-AC/DC) and Vinny Appice (a Black Sabbath veteran) — are scheduled to perform in West Hollywood, California, during the Bonzo's Birthday Bash tribute concert on May 31, which would have been Bonham's 64th birthday.

Backed by a band dubbed The Moby Dicks, each celebrity drummer will have the chance to play a favorite Zeppelin song on a Bonham replica drum kit. "There are no rules other than to have fun putting your own groove and character into your song choice," says event host/drummer Brian Tichy, whose credits include albums by Foreigner and Whitesnake. "It's such a unique night, seeing how all these great drummers approach the same drum set making it their own."

Other scheduled participants include Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot), Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) and Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart).

Tickets for Bonzo's Birthday Bash, taking place at West Hollywood’s House of Blues, go on sale May 3.

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