By all accounts, the Soundtrack of Summer was a blast for Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder, as well as the fans who turned out to see them take the road for a series of package dates -- but Styx and Foreigner's final night on the road together still turned out to be a real drag.

Styx keyboardist Lawrence Gowan explained in an Aug. 30 Facebook post titled 'Ladies Gone Wild,' writing, "Things got a little 'out of hand' at the Iowa State Fair during our last show of the Styx/Foreigner tour. Keeping a straight face was not an easy task, but I think we did reasonably well under these shockingly sexy circumstances ... Much thanks to 'Ladies' Kelly Hansen and Jeff Pilson of Foreigner. Take heed lads: We'll get you for this!"

As you can see in the video attached to Gowan's post, he received a surprise when Hansen and Pilson walked out during Styx's set, adding some strangely costumed interpretive dance and friendly harassment to the show. We've got to hand it to Gowan for managing to take it all in stride; many of us would have either cracked up laughing or run screaming from the keyboard, but he's a true professional.

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