Taylor Hawkins recalled the Foo Fighters’ worst-ever show, saying it was the same night he pranked Red Hot Chill Peppers drummer Chad Smith in response to a trick Smith played earlier.

The moment was caught on a Chili Peppers’ concert movie. Days after Smith arranged for thousands of M&Ms and popcorn to be dropped on Taylor’s drum kit while he played, the Foo Fighters retaliated by going bigger.

“First of all, we dropped a thousand golf balls on their heads, and then pasta,” Hawkins told Radio X. “They were good sports about it. Chad is still one of my best friends.”

However, he added, “We got so friction’ hammered before we went onstage, we just couldn’t even play. I think that we literally played, like, three songs and then just laid on the stage. People were kinda like booing us – it was really a low point.” You can watch the interview below.

In 2017, Smith recounted his own memory of the moment. “Down comes ping-pong balls and glitter, which was kinda weird – it was okay, but kinda weird," he recalled. "Dave [Grohl] and Taylor are at the side, and [I’m, like,] ‘Fuck you!’ Anthony [Kiedis] is laughing, missing all the words. Then the ping-pong balls and the glitter stopped. I was like, ‘Okay, cool.’ Then like 500 pounds of spaghetti! That was like snakes falling on you for a long time. It did not stop, it was all over the drums. … They got me really good. I barely finished the end of the song, then I run off and tackle Dave.”

Smith said he was still close friends with Hawkins. “Taylor’s godfather to one of my kids," he noted. "Poor kid.”

Watch Foo Fighters Drop Ping-Pong Balls on Chad Smith


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