Foo Fighters have rolled out their share of memorable videos over the years, and the new clip for 'Walk,' the second single off the band's latest album, 'Wasting Light,' ranks among their best. The video is a highly humorous ode to the Michael Douglas film 'Falling Down.'

In the clip, frontman Dave Grohl portrays a character based on the one Douglas played in the 1993 film: an average man who loses his cool and goes on a violent rampage. The video starts out with Grohl, in a button-down shirt and tie, stuck in traffic. He looks over to see an eclectic bunch of drivers played by the other members of the band -- among them, guitarist Pat Smear as a lipstick-applying woman in a car with a "Hottie on Board" sign.

Grohl gets out of his car in the middle of the highway and starts walking through the streets. He proceeds to hilariously let his anger out on a number of characters, including Smear as a convenience store cashier and bassist Nate Mendel as a fast-food worker, plus drummer Taylor Hawkins and guitarist Chris Shiflett as muggers in a park.

The action winds down with Grohl ending up at a studio where the rest of his bandmates are waiting for him. They start rocking out until the cops show up to take down Grohl in one of the funniest bits in the whole video.

The clip for Foo Fighters' 'Walk' garners more laughs in six minutes than 'The Hangover Part II' provides in two hours. It's nice to see bands who can poke fun at themselves, and it's even better to see superb videos like this one.


Watch the Foo Fighters 'Walk' Video

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