As Fleetwood Mac prepare to launch a major tour this spring, talk still circulates about the possibility of a new studio album from the legendary group. Turns out, whether or not that's gonna happen may depend largely on the fans at those concerts.

As guitarist Lindsey Buckingham told Fox News, those fans are going to hear some new songs: "We're gonna go out and put a few of these things out on stage... and we'll make them available online, and we'll see if it takes on a life."

"Lindsey and I spent four days together at his house working on three songs and it was great," continues Stevie Nicks, "We had the best time." Ultimately, she says reaction to the new material may influence a decision about further recording.

"If the public loves this -- if they love these three songs and we get back from them that they want more -- then maybe we'll do more," Nicks said. "If they just sort of like it and enjoy it, and it's not a big deal, then we'll have had a great time doing these three songs and maybe we'll just make music for ourselves."

In other words, if you want a full new Fleetwood Mac studio album, stay in your seat and whoop loudly when you hear a new song, instead of using the occasion for a bathroom break or to reload your beverage. Oh, and be sure to buy the singles on iTunes.

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