Fleetwood Mac fans have waited nearly 30 years for the band's classic 'Rumours'-era lineup to record a new studio album. If recent reports are accurate, it looks like their wait might finally be almost over.

Maui News columnist Jon Woodhouse caught up with Mick Fleetwood following his appearance at a local blues festival, and although his report contains no direct quotes, Woodhouse wrote that he and Fleetwood discussed Christine McVie's recent return to the lineup. "Already composing new songs, McVie will begin recording with most of the band members in March," alleges the article, adding that "the Mac will head out on the road again in the fall."

While this is the first real indication we've been given that the band intends to release new music, word of a 2014 Fleetwood Mac tour was earlier floated by the group's publicist, who recently told Billboard that "we are hoping to make an announcement about a possible tour for the full tilt Macsters sometime in 2014."

The new recordings will mark McVie's first studio set with the band since 1995's 'Time' album -- and presuming the rest of the most recent Fleetwood Mac lineup stays intact, it'll be the first collection of new material since 1987's 'Tango in the Night' to feature Mick Fleetwood, John and Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.

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