"This is the worst kept secret there is, but Christine McVie will be rejoining Fleetwood Mac." That's the way drummer Mick Fleetwood broke some very good -- and not entirely unexpected -- news to a concert crowd in Hawaii last night.

According to Fleetwood Mac News, both Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham had previously confirmed to audience members at the group's recent Las Vegas New Year's shows that the group would be touring again in 2014, most likely in the summer, and this time with McVie back in the fold for the first time since 1998.

McVie joined the group on-stage briefly last September in London, kicking off a storm of reunion rumors (no pun intended) that the group has done little to quell in recent months. In November she stated publicly she was hoping to return to Fleetwood Mac, and it didn't take long for Nicks to roll out the welcome mat.

This is the second piece of great news for Fleetwood Mac fans in recent weeks. McVie's ex-husband John, the long-time bassist for the group, made his return to the stage at the aforementioned Las Vegas shows after a battle with cancer that forced the group to cancel an Australian tour back in October.

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