The first photos of rap star Andre 3000 in costume and (presumably) wig for his performance as Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming movie 'All is By My Side' have been revealed, and it looks like they found the right guy!

Entertainmentwise snapped several photos of the actor/rapper/facial grooming system salesman in character somewhere near the Dublin, Ireland set where the film is being shot. As you can see, 3000 gamely tries to hide his face from the cameras in order to preserve the surprise for movie-goers. But alas, in this age where everyone has a camera and an internet connection, the Christmas presents get opened early again.

As we recently reported, the guitar legend's family has refused to let Hendrix's original music appear in the film, declaring that for any such production to get their endorsement and co-operation, the filmmakers would have to work with them "from the inception" of said project.

It seems the filmmakers have worked up a pretty good plan to get around this roadblock, as Chickenfoot drummer Kenny Aronoff recently detailed his participation in an "intense" two day session of recording Hendrix and Cream songs for use in the movie's musical scenes.

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