The below gallery of rock's most famous graves shows the final resting places of (or memorials to) some of rock 'n' roll's best-known performers.

The first thing you'll notice is that entirely too many of these legendary musicians died at far too young of an age. As you can see by the flowers, notes, drumsticks and guitar picks left behind in many of these photos, fans are still making pilgrimages to cemeteries and graveyards around the world to pay their personal respects to their favorite artists.

For example, an estimated 1.5 million fans visit Doors singer Jim Morrison's grave in Paris each year. Although most fans are respectful, in rare cases their devotion can be taken too far. Police had to be called in when thousands of fans rioted at Morrison's grave site on the 20th anniversary of his death in 1991, and the widow of Allman Brothers Band bassist Berry Oakley told the Associated Press she's found beer cans, marijuana cigarettes and used condoms at his grave in Macon, Ga. "This is paying your respects?" she asked.

In perhaps the most disturbing example of rock-star grave vandalism, the original casket containing Lynyrd Skynyrd singer Ronnie Van Zant's ashes was dug up and dropped on the ground by vandals in June 2000, forcing his family to relocate his body to a "massive underground concrete burial vault," complete with security patrols.

So promise us, if you visit these famous graves – be respectful, okay?

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