Unlike one artist being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday night, the the Faces / Small Faces are embracing the honor. Sometime today (Friday, April 13) the rockers will rehearse the three songs they'll play at the ceremony the next night, although it's anyone's guess which three songs that will be.

"Anything can happen with the Faces, so we don't want to say what's happening until we're actually on stage doing it," drummer Kenny Jones tells Billboard. 'Stay With Me' is sure to be one of their songs, and Jones said they'll do one Small Faces song, but he didn't say which one because no one has talked about it. The drummer will join Rod Stewart, Ron Wood and Ian McLagan to accept the honor -- they haven't decided who will stand in for the Ronnie Lane, their bassist who died in 1997.

The group reunited without Stewart for a few shows in 2009 and 2010, and Jones said they've gotten together a few times since. He isn't worried about having only a few hours to rehearse. "We got together about three years ago with Rod just to see if the magic was still there, and after a couple of minutes the magic was still there. We sounded just the same."

"We get together, we go out to dinner, we've enjoyed each other's company over the years. And whenever we're together we cause havoc wherever we go. We're naughty little boys, still. So when we get together to play, it's like it never ended."

As for the group's future, new music seems likely, and they're always kicking around the idea of a full reunion tour. Stewart's schedule usually gets in the way however. "The problem with Rod is his manager keeps booking him a year or two in advance," Jones tells Billboard. "It will happen at some point, for the right reason, when time allows."

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