Last night's episode of 'That Metal Show' found former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and ex-Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake guitarist John Sykes revealing that they have linked up for a new, as-yet unnamed project. They are working with a bassist, with Sykes handling the vocals. Twelve tracks have been created and the trio plans to record this fall.

Bob Rock, the man who sat behind the board for Metallica for many years, namely for 'The Black Album,' might even produce, so said Sykes. Portnoy and Sykes called the album "heavy rock."

While Portnoy spoke about his ouster from Dream Theater, saying he loves his former bandmates and has mixed feelings, Sykes recalled his time in Thin Lizzy, speaking fondly about the late, great frontman Phil Lynott. "He played hard and had the constitution of a bull," Sykes recalled. "I lived with the guy for a long time. He lived on four hours sleep and was the first one up and the last to bed. He'd be up, showered, ready to go and happy," he said.

Sykes, who has worked with some of the biggest names in hard rock, said that when "they" made Lynott, "they" broke the mold! "He was that guy, a born rock star, an epitome of a rock star," Sykes said. "I never met anyone like him, and I've been in the game 30 years. He was a complete one off."

Sykes also spoke about the era during which he was playing guitar in Whitesnake. He was dismissed before the band's self-titled monster of an album was released in 1987 -- and almost didn't join in the first place, but Coverdale kept increasing the monetary offer, so he gave in!

'TMS' host Eddie Trunk also tried to facilitate a reunion for Blue Murder, another of Sykes' bands, which he formed post-Whitesnake, the name of which is a cockney expression. A classic clip of a big-haired Sykes from the '80s was also displayed on the screen during the episode. The more things change...