Eric Singer Project’s 1999 album ESP is now available on vinyl for the first time, with a total of 1,200 copies on offer across three limited-edition versions.

The 11-track title features Kiss drummer Singer alongside Bruce Kulick, John Corabi and Karl Cochran, plus a guest appearance from Ace Frehley.

Revealing the release in a Facebook post, executive producer Keith Leroux said, "We were trying to hide these until next week when the color stickers came in, but the #KISSARMY has found them and the orders are already coming. We produced a run of 500 on green vinyl and 500 on clear vinyl. 200 of the green vinyl are autographed by #EricSinger, #BruceKulick, #JohnCorabi, #KarlCochran & #AceFrehley! (Yes - Ace is on the album - he did an amazing solo on Foxy Lady!)”

“It was mostly done very live," Singer said in 1999. "We would basically listen to a track, learn the song, the arrangement that we wanted to do and then we did everything in, like, the first three takes and then they would overdub on it. Like when Ace came in and did the ‘Foxy Lady’ solo, that track was already done. Ace came in one night after a rehearsal and just came down and burned a couple of solos. And then we just basically did a comp, which means a compilation of the different parts of the solos and took the best things that we wanted and compiled a solo. Which many times that is how many guitar players do their solos, they do what they call a comp. They will put anywhere from between three, four to 10 solos mixed together, picking the pieces from each that they like to construct something. And Ace basically just came down and did it very quickly. He just came down and just banged off a couple solos and then we put it together.”

All three editions are available at Singer’s website, with shipping starting tomorrow.

Eric Singer Project, ‘ESP’ Track Listing
Side 1
“Teenage Nervous Breakdown”
“Four Day Creep”
“Free Ride”
“Still Alive & Well”
“Never Before”
“Goin’ Blind”

Side 2
“Set Me Free”
“Them Changes”
“Foxy Lady” – featuring Ace Frehley
“Twenty Flight Rock”
“Won’t Get Fooled Again”

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