Some artists can labor for years when it comes to making a record, but not Elton John. In a new interview, the wonderful, crazy knight reveals that it took him less than three weeks to make his upcoming Wonderful Crazy Night.

"The new album is all one or two takes, and that's it," he told U Discover Music. "We did a song a day, wrote a song, finished it, did the backing vocals and then went onto the next track. So in 17 days we did 14 songs, 10 of which ended up on the album."

For John, recording his 33rd studio album in this manner brought back memories of the past. "For me, it's a joyous record," he continued. "It's like going back to the '70s, there's a lot of '70s-influenced things in there, but it's a record that's been made in 2015.”

Arriving on Feb. 5, 2016, Wonderful Crazy Night is his first since 2013’s The Diving Board. It brings back longtime band members Nigel Olsson (drums), Davey Johnstone (guitar) and Ray Cooper (percussion) back after a few records on the sidelines and was produced by T Bone Burnett. You can learn more about the record and stream the first single, “Looking Up,” here.

In addition to making a new record and his performing schedule, John has also kept very busy on the humanitarian front. Earlier this month, he wrote an editorial about the progress that has been made in the fight against AIDS and, prior to that, began making plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin about LGBT rights.

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