Elton John has revealed the details of his 33rd studio album, titled Wonderful Crazy Night.

Due Feb. 5, 2016, Wonderful Crazy Night was co-produced by John and T Bone Burnett, who previously helmed John's most recent studio efforts, The Diving Board (2013) and the Leon Russell collaboration, The Union (2010). Recorded at the Village in Los Angeles, the album will be preceded by a first single, "Looking Up," on Oct. 23. Check out the complete track listing below.

Wonderful Crazy Night signals John's homecoming to the Island Records imprint, as well as a reunion with some longtime bandmates: drummer Nigel Olsson and guitarist Davey Johnstone, both of whom contributed to many of John's classic records, were both in the lineup for the first time since The Captain & the Kid in 2006. Other personnel include percussionist Ray Cooper, a frequent John collaborator, as well as bassist Matt Bissonette, keyboard player Kim Bullard and percussionist John Mahon.

The Wonderful Crazy Night press release describes "Looking Up" as having an "upbeat rhythm and lyric" that are "fueled by rock guitar and a killer piano motif that conjure echoes of some of Elton’s best-loved hits," which echoes comments Burnett made to Billboard earlier this year. "It’s a very upbeat rock ‘n’ roll record," he hinted. "The last album was a particular group of very personal material; this is broadcasting. That one was a parlor record; this is a festival."

Elton John, 'Wonderful Crazy Night' Track Listing
"Wonderful Crazy Night"
"In the Name of You"
"Claw Hammer"
"Blue Wonderful"
"I've Got 2 Wings"
"A Good Heart"
"Looking Up"
"Guilty Pleasure"
"The Open Chord"
"Free and Easy" (deluxe version bonus track)
"England and America" (deluxe version bonus track)

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