It did Guns N' Roses fans' hearts good to see Duff McKagan up onstage with the current incarnation of the band earlier this year, and although it was only a temporary reunion, the band's former bassist certainly sounds open to future collaborations.

Speaking with 'The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show' at a charity event for the Rock Against MS Foundation, McKagan said it was "great going and playing those shows" with GNR frontman Axl Rose and adding that the two "had a good time." Asked if he'd be up for recording with the latest Guns lineup, McKagan was carefully noncommittal while making it clear he'd give it some thought.

"I never say never to anything, actually, these days. I've kind of learned, you never know what's around the corner," he shrugged. "All that aside, I'm just glad he and I were able to get together and talk about some stuff and then laugh about a lot of other s--- that happened."

These days, McKagan is most focused on the upcoming second LP from his Walking Papers band, which he says they recently finished; being in that group, he says, allows him to indulge in complete creative freedom. "I've never been one to just play safe music and think that's all there is to it," he enthused. "I get to be in a band that's pushing the envelope."

And as for the continuing question of who -- if anyone -- might eventually step in to fill the lead singer void left in Velvet Revolver by the departure of Scott Weiland, McKagan hinted at progress somewhere on the horizon. Insisting "I don't think we're done," he added, "We played with some guys only two weeks ago, as a matter of fact. All really talented guys, but it's just … We'll know when he walks in the room, I think."

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