Don Henley has been talking about his upcoming Cass County album for years — and it sounds like soon, fans might finally be able to hear it.

"I do have a solo album, as they say, 'in the can,'" Henley told the Chideo Network. "So far, I've recorded 17 songs — I've been working on it for the last four, five years. It sort of has a country flavor. I guess you could categorize some of it as country, and some of it could be called Americana."

But even after all this time and all that recording, Henley says he still isn't quite finished with the LP. "I intend to record a couple more, and then we'll start the culling process," he said. "I'm told that now you put out a regular album, and then you put out a deluxe version of the album that has extra songs on it, so I've got plenty of extra songs for the deluxe version."

Henley went on to add that he's recorded the bulk of Cass County in Nashville, with other bits and pieces tracked in Southern California and his home studio in Dallas. As he has on previous outings, former Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch again joined Henley in a co-producing role, with the duo utilizing a crew of players and songwriters that form, in Henley's estimation, the cream of the Nashville crop.

Promising "some really interesting guest stars" along with multiple duets and a trio track, Henley added, "I don't want to give away too much of it, but there's some very interesting people on the album, in unexpected combinations that you might not think about hearing. Ever."

For now, Henley said he's hoping to get Cass County out this fall, and said part of the delay has stemmed from his obligations to the Eagles, whose touring schedule hasn't allowed him any time to properly promote the new LP. "Hopefully," he added, "once the Eagles tour winds down in mid-June, I'll have the time to start the promotion process."

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