The reunion of Dokken's most commercially successful lineup isn't built to last, but don't rule out the possibility of getting more shows out of this version of the group once they finish their upcoming Japanese tour.

Guitarist George Lynch offered his perspective on the reunion during a recent interview with Team Rock, brushing off his much-publicized history of antagonism with frontman Don Dokken and insisting he's ready to play. "I’m trying to stay positive with all this, so I don’t really want to get into what could go wrong with things," said Lynch. "I would just say that we pretty much don’t have a relationship at this point. ... There was an hour-long meeting at a management office and a few emails. But beyond that there really hasn’t been any communication. So there is no relationship."

His absence of a relationship with Dokken notwithstanding, Lynch said he's "been an advocate for some form of reunion for many years" — though he admitted he'd given up on ever seeing it happen until one of the group's former roadies, now a concert promoter, finally gave the offer that brought the band back together. Conceding that it's a "mixed bag" that's "happening for the right reasons ... one of which is money," he sounded a hopeful note while speculating about the prospects of more dates later.

"If I were betting I’d say there’s probably a 50/50 chance. And I’d be advocating for that, too. But it gets more complicated when you’re talking about more shows because of all our other commitments," said Lynch. "It definitely would be something that promoters and the fans would like to see. On a business level I’m sure it could be done very easily. So, you know, never say never."

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