Devo announced an appearance at the Desert Daze festival in at Lake Perris, Calif., during the weekend of Oct. 10-13, and co-founder Jerry Casale said it might be their last-ever show.

It’s only the band's third concert in five years – but despite festival promoters saying it was the opening point of a farewell tour, Casale rejected the suggestion.

“If ever there is such a tour, we certainly will not name it as such,” he told Consequence of Sound in an email. “More like ‘The Beginning Was the End Tour.’” However, he added, “As it is, [Desert Daze] could be the last time Devo plays on this planet. Who knows? Spuds should see us while they can. Let us not talk falsely now, the hour’s getting late, as Bob Dylan said 50 years or so ago.”

Devo last toured in 2014, delivering 11 shows during June and July of that year to honor guitarist Bob Casale, who had recently died. A portion of the profits were paid into a fund set up to help his family deal with the debts he’d left behind. Those shows focused on the band’s experimental era of the mid ‘70s.

Asked about the band’s current status last year, Casale told, “You'd have to ask Mark Mothersbaugh … he's made everything about him. It'll have to be him saying it. Clearly Devo is ready to play and be Devo … if he wanted to, you know, pull the trigger on that idea, everybody else is like soldiers, you know – completely ready to go, polished boots and new uniforms with loaded pistols."


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