Def Leppard's new live DVD is still a few weeks away — and today they're offering fans a sneak peek with a bonus feature from the package, in the form of the official video for their new "We Belong" single.

Recorded for the group's 2015 Def Leppard LP, "We Belong" was written by singer Joe Elliott, but he shares the vocal spotlight on the song; in fact, each member of the band takes turns adding lead vocals.

As Elliott told Billboard last year, drummer Rick Allen took a little wearing down. "He can sing; he chooses not to," explained Elliott. "But this time we told him, 'Okay, it's time for you to sing,' 'cause we'd each done a verse and it was down to him to sing as well. He didn't need much convincing; it was like, 'We're all doing this, so you got to do this as well.'"

Now, Elliott tells Ultimate Classic Rock, "We Belong" has acquired a place of honor for him among the songs on the new album — and the promotional clips they've filmed for them. "My favorite of the new song videos so far," says Elliott. "Where we get to show what we're all about, everyone singing, one for all, all for one, truly a band in unity."

"We Belong" arrives in stores on Feb. 17 as part of And There Will Be a Next Time, a DVD-Blu-ray/two-CD set culled from performances on Def Leppard's 2016 tour. Fans can take a look at the complete track listing for the set, and check out the special pre-order packages.

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