Def Leppard are taking a break from work on a long-awaited studio album to tour with Styx and Tesla, but don't expect any concert previews of their new songs.

"No, absolutely not," frontman Joe Elliott told VH1 Radio Network's Dave Basner. "So we can have cheap, horrible versions on YouTube done on iPhones? No. No way."

Def Leppard, after all, have always been sticklers for detail. Their first studio project since 2008's Songs From the Sparkle Lounge is being created with the same meticulous attention.

"We come from a certain generation where it’s like we like the idea of the impact," Elliott said. "We want people to hear it for the first time when it’s ready and when it’s right, not some crap version off somebody’s iPhone where they get to hear the melody and the stuff, but it’s ... just rubbish. And then they go, ‘Oh, I preferred that version to the one on the record.’ It’s like, ‘Really?’ No, we won’t be doing that."

Offering sneak peeks of the newest musical creations isn't all Elliott is saying no to, by the way. He's already confirmed that Def Leppard won't be jamming with Styx and Tesla onstage when they hit the road in June. Elliott also noted that Def Leppard would "politely refuse" induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if they were given the honor.

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