Deep Purple have unveiled “Throw My Bones," the first single from their upcoming album Whoosh!.

The song follows a chugging guitar line and slick drum groove, leading to singer Ian Gillan’s familiar voice. “I don’t know what lies ahead / It’s all a mystery, man, I heard it said / You do your thing, you do your best / I take a guess at what happens next,” he sings before launching into the chorus: “All I got is what I need / And that’s enough as far as I can see / Why should I walk into the great unknown / When I can sit here and throw my bones.”

A major highlight comes halfway through the track, when the band opens things up sonically and engages in a powerful jam session, complete with a wailing guitar solo courtesy of Steve Morse.

Thematically, “Throw My Bones” questions the current state of society, especially its relationship to Earth. “It is an invitation to take a step back and see the bigger picture, a call for action and an invitation to observe the planet and the current situation on Earth,” the band said of the song in a statement.

The video reflects this sentiment by showing an astronaut - faceless behind his helmet - wandering through various scenes of daily life. The space traveler, whose likeness resembles the album artwork for Whoosh!, encounters both the beauty of nature and the harsh realities of city life.

You can watch the “Throw My Bones” video below.

Due June 12, Whoosh! marks the 21st studio album in Deep Purple’s expansive catalog. “Whoosh! is an onomatopoeic word that, when viewed through one end of a radio-telescope, describes the transient nature of humanity on Earth," Gillan explained. "And, through the other end from a closer perspective, illustrates the career of Deep Purple."

The singer previously detailed the natural way things came together when recording the album. “Each member ... arrived at a rehearsal studio and then a recording studio at roughly the same time on roughly the same day with roughly no idea of what we were doing," he revealed. "It was a total coincidence. … Tuesday, we made another album, and Wednesday we went to the pub. Something like that anyway. It was all a blur.”


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