Deep Purple stands tall alongside Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath in the Holy Trinity of British hard rock. The list of the band’s classic songs is legion, and the influence they have had on successive generations of musicians is both enduring and remarkable.

Rhino will celebrate Deep Purple’s history with a new definitive collection entitled A FIRE IN THE SKY, which will be made available in three different versions.

 A FIRE IN THE SKY will be available as a single CD and three CD set on September 15th and a 3LP set available November 3, 2017. Each version includes a selection of songs chosen from the 19 studio albums that Deep Purple recorded between 1968 and 2013.

The single-disc version of A FIRE IN THE SKY features 20 songs and focuses mainly on the band’s biggest and most groundbreaking singles.

The three-disc version of A FIRE IN THE SKY dives much deeper into Purple’s past with 40 songs. It includes at least one track from every studio album from 1968's Shades of Deep Purple through 2013's Now What?!.

 A FIRE IN THE SKY will also be available as a three-LP set that includes 27 songs. Among the highlights are the single edit version of “Woman From Tokyo,” the U.S. single edit for “Burn,” and the radio edit of “Bad Attitude.”

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