Penelope Spheeris' three cult-classic 'The Decline of Western Civilization' movies will be released in a box set this summer. The four-disc set marks the first time that these music-centered historical films will appear on DVD and Blu-ray.

Due on June 30, the box will include all three of the movies in the series: the original 'Decline of Western Civilization' from 1980, 1988's 'The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years' and 'The Decline of Western Civilization Part III,' from 1998. Bonus materials include a 40-page book, extended interviews and a new commentary track recorded by Dave Grohl.

The first movie focuses on Los Angeles' punk scene, and includes performances and interviews with Black Flag, X, Germs and other bands from the era. The 1988 follow-up takes a look at metal, with Aerosmith, Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne among the artists making appearances. The final film chronicles the lives of homeless L.A. gutter punks in the late '90s.

The first two movies have been praised and prized by music fans for years for their intimate portrayals of two diverse cultural scenes. The 1980 film was one of the first to take punk music and its rabid fan base so seriously, and gave national exposure to DIY bands during a pre-Internet era when discovering new music wasn't so easy. The metal movie centered on the Sunset Strip's growing influence and provided the indelible image of a leopard print-robed Osbourne making breakfast at home.

In addition to the remastered movies, the box will also include interviews with Spheeris (who went on to direct Wayne's World and other big-screen features), never-before-seen footage and the films' trailers.

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