Updated 10/10/2011: We're still awaiting an official announcement about David Lee Roth's next move with his partners in Van Halen, but in celebration of his birthday today (Oct. 10), let's revisit our July "David Lee Roth Week," where we looked back on his solo career to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his debut, 'Eat 'Em and Smile.'

We'll re-examine that album, which found Roth, with the help of an insanely talented band, making a serious run at the hard rock crown he held with his former Van Halen bandmates for so long. "Diamond" Dave's best songs, and of course, most bugged-out videos will also be presented for your enjoyment. Finally, we offer some selfish suggestions about what songs he, Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang should add to their setlist on their next tour.

David Lee Roth Week Features:

Tuesday, July 5 - Five Songs Van Halen Should Bring Back on Their Next Tour
Wednesday, July 6 - Top Five David Lee Roth Videos
Thursday, July 7 - 'Eat 'Em and Smile' - Classic Album Review
Friday, July 8 - Top 10 David Lee Roth Songs

Watch David Lee Roth's 'Goin' Crazy' Video