David Lee Roth sounds hopeful about his future with Van Halen, in the latest episode of The Roth Show. He seems confident not just that the group, who last toured in 2015, will return to a concert venue near you but also that they will produce a follow up to 2012's A Different Kind of Truth.

"It's not like my career path is gonna be altered," Roth says. "I sort of know what the next 10 summers are going to bring. Eddie Van Halen aside — those are ups and downs — I don't know when we're going to tour but I have a sense that we will. I don't know that we're going to record again — when that'll happen — but I get the sense that it's gonna happen."

Van Halen's most recent dates were in support of Tokyo Dome Live in Concert, their first-ever concert recording with Roth. Since then, however, rumors abounded about what's next for the group, up to and including the idea of a reunion with Sammy Hagar, who succeeded Roth in the '80s. Roth even recorded a song that seemed to be a farewell to Van Halen.

Hagar fronted the group from 1985–96, and then from 2003–05. Roth, who originally led Van Halen from 1974–85, has been back since 2007. This new episode of The Roth Show is titled "I'm In," which hopeful fans could construe as a positive message, as well.

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