David Lee Roth of Van Halen granted a couple of big exclusive news scoops to some autograph seekers last night (Jan. 4) in New York City -- specifically, the name of the band's long-awaited new album and the dates when they'll be performing in the Big Apple as part of their upcoming tour.

Nattily attired in a newsboy hat and overalls, Roth politely signs everything the eager and well-stocked fans shove in front of him following a rehearsal for the band's invite-only show tonight at the tiny Cafe Wha?

Then he goes even further above and beyond the call and duty by answering some very direct questions about when Van Halen will be returning to the city for a full-scale arena show: "It's going to be Feb. 28 and March 1 at the Garden."

It seems that once the door of previously privileged information gets cracked open, Roth has a hard time resisting queries about the title of the new album (which arrives Feb. 7) -- "...No, I can't tell you.. actually, I will! It's called 'A Different Kind of Truth,' Van Halen lives in a different kind of truth."

The only piece of potentially bad news comes when the fans ask if 'A Different Kind of Truth' will be available on good old fashioned vinyl, as Roth states, "Ohh, I don't know if we're going with vinyl..."

Watch David Lee Roth of Van Halen Confirm the Band's New Album Title