David Gilmour has unveiled the video for "The Girl in the Yellow Dress," a track from his new Rattle That Lock album.

The animated clip, which you can watch above, was directed by Danny Madden, a co-founder of the production company Ornana Films whose credits include the Annie-nominated (notes on) biology and the free Vimeo feature euphonia. Madden is also profiled on a documentary included in the bonus material appended to the deluxe edition of Rattle That Lock.

Like much of the album, "The Girl in the Yellow Dress" was a songwriting collaboration between Gilmour and his wife, writer Polly Samson, who opened up about their long-running creative partnership during a recent interview with NPR, comparing writing lyrics for Gilmour to writing a novel.

"'The Girl In The Yellow Dress' actually felt incredibly similar to writing a short story," said Samson. "There was no point in me writing a song that he naturally wouldn't sing, so I tried to look as clearly as I could through his eyes. It feels very similar to writing fiction. The added advantage is that there's someone prompting me. There is no blank piece of paper, because the music is there."

"My assumption is that the music will drive the guitar playing that I play as it will drive the vocal lines that I sing over the top of it and will also help to dig out what that lyric is going to be about," mused Gilmour. "Allowing it to be something natural is what I've always attempted. Practice makes perfect, and I think that Polly and I both are getting better at making those things work, and of course she also has an influence on the music because she's full of very forceful and valid opinions on every aspect of what's being done."

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