'Valentine's Day' in July? When you're David Bowie, not even the calendar can tell you what to do.

Bowie has released the latest video from his most recent album 'The Next Day' -- following previous singles 'Where Are We Now?,' 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' and 'The Next Day' -- with a promotional clip for 'Valentine's Day.' Directed by Indrani and Markus Klinko, who worked with Bowie on the artwork for his 2002 'Heathen' LP, the video eschews the controversial imagery of 'The Next Day' video in favor of a more traditional approach, focusing mainly on Bowie playing guitar and staring at the camera.

But Bowie being Bowie, there are still a few visual quirks to be found. Indrani and Klinko give the video a restless feel, using motion and occasional quick edits to add some spice to the shots of Bowie sitting on a stool and lip-synching.

'Valentine's Day' is also seeing release as a limited-edition picture disc, which will arrive in stores on Aug. 19 with 'Plan,' an instrumental bonus track from 'The Next Day,' as the B-side. According to Bowie's Facebook page, "The record comes in a transparent plastic sleeve overprinted with a white square so that the disc shows through the transparent lettering." And apparently if you stare at the cover long enough, "you can just make out what the picture on the record actually is."

The 'Valentine's Day' single is available for pre-order here.

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