As promised, David Bowie's new song 'Sue' finds him taking a jazz-inflected detour, continuing a varied musical career that's been filled with them. Stream this seven-minute track through the embedded clip above.

'Sue,' which is subtitled 'Or in a Season of Crime' and premiered on BBC Radio 6, is a new cut added to the forthcoming 'Nothing Has Changed' compilation. The single, and its accompanying original b-side 'Tis a Pity She's a Whore,' will be available digitally the same day 'Nothing Has Changed' arrives on Nov. 18. A limited-edition 10-inch version will also be issued for the Black Friday edition of Record Store Day, to follow on Nov. 28.

Bowie most recently took fans by surprise with last year's previously unannounced 'The Next Day.' Whether 'Sue' -- which features Bowie fronting the Maria Schneider Orchestra -- signals a larger career shift remains unclear.

Rumors that he was at work on a new full-length recording where recently debunked. Bowie is also the subject of a retrospective documentary, titled 'David Bowie Is.'

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