It's been nearly 10 years since David Bowie's last studio album was released, and author Paul Trynka thinks it's possible that Bowie could be done with his musical career.

Trynka is the writer behind the recently released Bowie book called 'Starman,' billed as the most definitive Bowie resource released to date.

Looking at the lack of recent activity from Bowie, whose last album, 'Reality,' came out in 2003, Trynka ponders the future possibilities and tells Spinner, "My heart says he'll come back, [but] my head says he's likely not to."

"I think he would only come back if he thinks he could deliver something that will be seismic. If you pop back into the stage, it's got to be something that has a big explosion and lots of flashes. It would be a bit of a miracle if he comes back, but miracles do happen."

Trynka says that Bowie's recorded work is "history that shaped today's cultural landscape" and the meaning of his accomplishments are "still vital." He explains that "how this happened is important as a tool to understand the world in which we live today, the sound we hear on the street or the fashions that we look at."

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