Fans can look forward to a fresh deconstruction of the chameleonic legacy of David Bowie, thanks to a new book, ‘Starman,' that will land in stores mid-July.

‘Starman’ promises to be the most definitive Bowie book released to date, featuring over 300 new interviews covering every aspect of the ‘Thin White Duke’s’ career. With over 136 million albums sold to date, Bowie has written and recorded with a wide variety of artists, from Trent Reznor to Freddie Mercury to John Lennon, while influencing bands as diverse as Nirvana and Franz Ferdinand.

Former ‘MOJO’ editor Paul Trynka examines the life of Bowie, talking to a wide range of Bowie-related connections, including classmates, former lovers and managers. In doing so, Trynka reveals the expansive range of influence that Bowie has had on the entertainment world as both a movie star and musical icon, setting trends and breaking new ground with every step of his career.

Bowie aficionados and music fans can get their hands on ‘Starman’ officially on July 18 when the book hits stores. Bowie recently landed at number seven on our list of Top 10 Movie Appearances by Classic Rockers for his role in 'Zoolander,' an accomplishment we presume will be mentioned prominently in 'Starman.'

Watch David Bowie perform 'Young Americans.'