Dave Mustaine hasn't let winning a Golden God Award ruin his sense of humor.

The Megadeth frontman was on hand at this year's Metal Hammer Golden Gods ceremony in London last night, and accepted the 2015 Golden God Award after an introduction by Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian that paid tribute to Mustaine's musical contributions while making note of their long friendship. "I could tell you a lot of things about Dave Mustaine," warns Ian in the above video. "I think the fact that he pretty much invented thrash metal is pretty much all I have to say. He's a fellow card-carrying member of the 'Big Four,' and he's been my friend since ... nineteen-eighty-f---ing-two, or something like that."

Walking out to cheers and applause after Ian's introduction, Mustaine kept things lighthearted during his time at the podium, referencing his embattled past with his former bandmates in Metallica, turnover within the Megadeth ranks and his outspoken political views while making it clear he wasn't there to ruffle any feathers.

"I made myself some notes today. I was talking with my management, and I have a knack for getting myself in trouble. So I made some notes of what I wasn't gonna say," he quips. "I'm not gonna slag anybody. So the list is: Don't slag Metallica; don't slag the 'Rust In Peace' lineup; don't slag the two quitters; don't slag Obama. So there's not really a lot to say."

As previously reported, Megadeth lost a pair of members in 2014, prompting conjecture that the group would be disbanding. Instead, they rebounded by recruiting new members and launching a successful crowdfunding campaign for their next record, due in the coming months.

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