Even though a former band member claims that Megadeth is "done," co-founding bassist David Ellefson insists they're carrying on.

Speaking to fans during an online chat with the Megadeth Cyber Army, Ellefson quelled any concerns over a breakup by writing, "As you can probably tell by me being here today, we are not disbanding." Understandably, given the recent defections of the group's guitarist and drummer, he didn't have many concrete details about what he and frontman Dave Mustaine were planning, but he did make it clear that they're committed to figuring out a next step sooner than later.

"As of right now, we are looking at all the options, of which there are many," added Ellefson. "We'll certainly continue working on the new songs for the next record. Hopefully that brings everyone up to speed on things as of today. Thank you for all of your kind words, concerns and support to us."

Ellefson proved similarly tight-lipped regarding whatever went down leading up to the departures of drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick, ascribing their exits to "personal reasons" and adding only that the two made the decisions they felt were "right." The band has yet to issue a statement regarding the change, but it's definitely business as usual -- in recent days, their Facebook page has been focused on fan club discounts and Megadeth memorabilia auctions.

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