Megadeth have soldiered on past plenty of lineup changes in the past, so there's every reason to expect that the recent defections of drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick will prove to be temporary setbacks for the metal band Dave Mustaine has fronted since 1983. At least one ex-Megadeth member seems pretty pessimistic about the group's future prospects, however.

Guitarist Jeff Young, whose tenure with Megadeth lasted long enough for him to contribute to and tour behind 1988's 'So Far, So Good ... So What!,' has been on the outs with Mustaine since he left the band, but a fan reportedly still felt the need to ask him if he'd be interested in filling the vacant guitar slot left by Broderick's departure. "I have zero interest in 'the Megadeth situation,'" he's quoted as saying in response. "The band is done. Put a fork in it."

Given that Megadeth's most recent effort, 2013's 'Super Collider,' peaked at No. 6, it seems safe to assume Young isn't arguing the band is "done" in the commercial sense of the word. On the other hand, Mustaine has given no indication that he intends to pull the plug on the band -- or his plans to begin recording a new LP in early 2015.

Most likely, it's just another jab between the former bandmates in a war of words that's been going on since Young left the lineup, but we should know more soon.

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