The National Independent Venue Association named Dave Grohl and Quincy Jones among a new advisory board with the mission of helping the industry return from coronavirus lockdown.

NIVA, formed at the beginning of the pandemic, represents the interests of live venues that were “the first to close” and will be “the last to reopen” as a result of social-distancing legislation. While it’s still not known how long it will take for vaccination programs to allow a full-scale return to live performances, it’s thought to likely take place before the end of the year.

“Advisory board members will share their diverse knowledge and professional expertise in streaming, ticketing, management and more to help NIVA and its members navigate through the remainder of this pandemic and rebuild the live entertainment ecosystem in a transparent, diverse and inclusive way,” the organization said in a statement, naming a wide range of board members.

In an article for The Atlantic in May 2020, Grohl wrote: “I know that those of us who don’t have to work in hospitals or deliver packages are the lucky ones, but still, I’m hungry for a big old plate of sweaty, ear-shredding, live rock 'n' roll ASAP. ... There is nothing like the energy and atmosphere of live music. It is the most life-affirming experience, to see your favorite performer onstage, in the flesh, rather than as a one-dimensional image glowing in your lap as you spiral down a midnight YouTube wormhole.”

He noted that he has "shared my music, my words, my life with the people who come to our shows. And they have shared their voices with me. Without that audience — that screaming, sweating audience — my songs would only be sound. But together, we are instruments in a sonic cathedral, one that we build together night after night. And one that we will surely build again.”


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