Most classic rockers would give you a pretty mean stare if you described anything about their music, clothing or even their artwork as "cute." But its hard to resist doing so when dimpled little babies like the ones pictured above turn up on the album covers from some of the genre's biggest bands.

Artists as diverse as Van Halen, Queen and Paul Simon have depicted babies -- in painting, cartoon and photograph form -- to represent themes of rebirth, innocence or wonder on their album covers over the years. To keep things squarely in the "cute" category, we ruled out more devilish-looking album covers from artists such as Black Sabbath and focused purely on the "awwwww..." stuff.

The result? Together with our friends at Loudwire and,  we think we've come up with an extremely adorable collection of Cute Babies on Album Covers. Plus, you don't have to change or feed any of these infants!

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