For Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young fans the wait for the group's long-gesticulating 1974 live album appears to be over. The much-discussed box set, which chronicles the group’s fabled outdoor tour, has finally received a release date and will be available for purchase on July 8. The set has already received a listing on Amazon’s U.K. site.

'CSNY 1974' contains three discs of audio with 40 different tracks along with a fourth DVD/Blu-ray disc of eight performances and a 188-page book. Rolling Stone says that there will also be a one-CD, 16-song distillation of the box, and a 12-song version sold exclusively at Starbucks.

Word of the live collection first came out three years ago when it was discussed by Graham Nash and David Crosby. “We recorded nine of the 35 stadium shows we did,” remarked Nash. “We have about 42 songs and we’re busy mixing them. We have about 12 to 15 mixes under our belt. We’re talking to Neil [Young] about the resolution he wants everything at. Because of the world Neil is in, he wants it at the highest possible.”

Ultimately, the whole thing was pushed back due to the expansive nature of the project as well as some conflicting plans. “Next year is the 40th anniversary of the tour, and so I’m gonna wait for spring of next year,” Nash said in 2013.

The singer went on to discuss some his own curatorial approach in creating the set. “You gotta understand, our shows were three or four hours long, and there are four of us and we were all writing like crazy,” he pointed out. “I just found a one-minute, 10-second song of Neil Young's about Richard Nixon that I can’t leave off. It’s brilliant…So, my point is, I’m still forming and shaping the album.”

'CSNY 1974' Track Listing 

Disc One

1. 'Love the One You're With'
2. 'Wooden Ships'
3. 'Immigration Man'
4. 'Helpless'
5. 'Carry Me'
6. 'Johnny's Garden'
7. 'Traces'
8. 'Grave Concern'
9. 'On the Beach'
10. 'Black Queen'
11. 'Almost Cut My Hair'

Disc Two

1. 'Change Partners'
2. 'The Lee Shore'
3. 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart'
4. 'Our House'
5. 'Fieldworker'
6. 'Guinnevere'
7. 'Time After Time'
8. 'Prison Song'
9. 'Long May You Run'
10. 'Goodbye Dick'
11. 'Mellow My Mind'
12. 'Old Man'
13. 'Word Game'
14. 'Myth Of Sisyphus'
15. 'Blackbird'
16. 'Love Art Blues'
17. 'Hawaiian Sunrise'
18. 'Teach Your Children'
19. 'Suite: Judy Blue Eyes'

Disc Three

1. 'Deja Vu'
2. 'My Angel'
3. 'Pre-Road Downs'
4. 'Don't Be Denied'
5. 'Revolution Blues'
6. 'Military Madness'
7. 'Long Time Gone'
8. 'Pushed It Over The End'
9. 'Chicago'
10. 'Ohio'

Disc Four (video)

1. 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart'
2. 'Almost Cut My Hair'
3. 'Grave Concern'
4. 'Old Man'
5. 'Johnny's Garden'
6. 'Our House'
7. 'Deja Vu'
8. 'Pushed It Over The End'

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