The combined catalog output of David Crosby and Graham Nash from their many years of making music both together and apart is staggering. A new live DVD. 'Crosby-Nash: In Concert' collects, for the first time, a complete Crosby/Nash concert, which features the pair backed by their longtime touring band.

Earlier this year, Crosby and Nash came to the Palace Theatre in Stamford, Ct. for a special show that was broadcast live as it happened by HDNet. The rock veterans spent nearly two and a half hours exploring the finest moments of their musical accomplishments, opening with a fresh uber-psychedelic rendering of 'Eight Miles High,' from Crosby's days with the Byrds.

From there, they took the Stamford audience down an open road filled with a lot of their much-loved Crosby, Stills and Nash hits, newer material from their 2004 'Crosby/Nash' release and even some brand new music from Crosby, who recently celebrated his 70th birthday, in the form of a song called 'A Slice Of Time.'

The entire performance, plus additional bonus songs and interviews, has been officially documented with the release of 'Crosby-Nash: In Concert,' which is available now via Amazon and iTunes. It's released courtesy of the pair's label Blue Castle Records, which sprang to life earlier this year with a reissue of their previous '70s live release 'Another Stoney Evening.'

Nash reveals that he's working on quite a few projects whenever time allows, as Crosby and Nash are currently touring Europe. In fact, he's in the middle of “ten records” to be exact, which live “in my mind and on my computer.” The project list includes a box set retrospective for bandmate Stephen Stills and a planned release of 1974 live material from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young that will be “at least three CDs.” (Can we have that one first?)

Watch A Video Trailer For The New Crosby/Nash Live Release