Like it or not, music has been devalued to the point that a free album from one of the world's biggest bands is a cause of genuine annoyance (and/or more legitimate privacy concerns) for a lot of listeners. For Conan O'Brien, however, the controversy surrounding U2's 'Songs of Innocence' giveaway is also the setup for a pretty funny joke.

Responding to a wave of complaints for iTunes account holders who don't even want the option of downloading the new U2 record, Apple released a one-click removal tool earlier this week, allowing people to wipe 'Songs of Innocence' from their purchase history. But as the above 'Conan' clip makes clear, the tech giant could have taken things a step or two further by erasing users' memories of the LP -- and the band in general.

Whether you're a staunch supporter or one of the anti-'Innocence' brigade, this video should be good for a laugh, so check it out while making a mental list of all the other bands and artists you'd ask Apple to erase from your personal memory banks with a one-click removal tool.

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