The NBC comedy 'Community' said goodbye to one of its cast members last night, and they used a new version of Styx's 1977 smash 'Come Sail Away' to send him off properly.

Donald Glover, who plays Troy Barnes on the critically acclaimed but ratings-challenged show, is leaving the cast in order to devote more time to other acting opportunities and his successful rap career.

So last week on the show it was revealed that Barnes would inherit millions of dollars -- but only if he agreed to sail all the way around the world in a boat. Couple that plot point with the fact that Barnes had previously revealed 'Come Sail Away' always makes him cry and there was no other song that could serve as the soundtrack to the sad moment when he's forced to say goodbye to his study-group buddies.

But it's not Styx's version of 'Come Sail Away' that's featured. Instead it's a gentle, orchestra-aided version sung by Aimee Mann specifically for the episode. You can watch the show above -- skip ahead to the 20 minute mark if you want to get right to the song. And good luck with the whole "tough guy / not crying" thing if you're any kind of fan of this show.

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