Clutch re-asserted their status as one of the best live bands in rock and roll during their most recent (and seemingly annual) holiday season visit to Cleveland, Ohio.

For 25 years now, the Maryland-born foursome has built a large and fervent following with their heady blend of bulls--- free hard rock. Nearly 2,000 of those loyal fans happily ditched (or who knows, maybe brought) their families the night before New Year's Eve and packed the sweaty Agora.

The show took place two days after the death of Clutch's recent touring partner Lemmy Kilmister, and a very appropriate and very appropriately loud selection of Motorhead's music blared over the loudspeakers before the headliner's set. As you might expect, this was awesome, and a lesser band might have been worried about setting the bar too high.

No such fear here. With a quick "Happy New Year! Let's party" greeting, singer Neil Fallon led the group into three straight tracks from their excellent new album Psychic Warfare. Most bands two-and-a-half decades into their career would have long since turned into a "greatest hits" act, but Clutch played every song from the new album during their 18-song set, and there wasn't an obvious bathroom break, bored audience member or complaint to be found at any point.

Long story short: if Clutch comes to your town (UPDATE: and they'll be on tour most of May and June) and you want proof that there are still great rock bands out there, get yourself a ticket.

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