Chrissie Hynde revealed the title of her upcoming album and said she wouldn’t wait for its release to tie in with new tour dates.

She didn’t note whether it was a solo record or who else will be heard on it, although it seems possible the LP will feature her current touring band, His Lordship. They recently completed a low-key U.K. tour of small venues, which she described as “great fun” but admitted had lost money.

“Suffering here being off the road,” Hynde wrote on social media. “Going to try to map out some touring for next year soon. More U.K. and Europe. We’ve spent most of our touring life in the States ... never even been to Poland! It’s been years since we’ve been to France and Spain and Germany and Italy and Scandinavia, Holland. Belgium. … One of the reasons we got in a band was to see the world. Stick to the plan!”

She added that "we have a new album coming out, Relentless. For some reason which I don’t quite understand, it takes ages to get an album out these days, i.e. waiting for vinyl factories. I’m not even sure if we have a record deal. I’ll have to ask my management if I remember.”

Hynde said that, for her, there was “no point waiting around for a new record before we hit the road. ... We’re going to have to go into bigger venues or else it’s straight to the poorhouse. As long as we break even, I’ll be happy. I’ve never liked arenas and I loathe stadiums as I’ve said many times. Stadiums are for sports.” While the recent tour played to audiences of 200, she said a capacity of 2,000 was the new target figure.

During the brief U.K. tour, she avoided performing her best-known Pretenders and solo songs, saying that “you’ve had 40 years to see those, so if you missed it, more fool you – the moment has passed.”

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