The phrase "he's worked with everyone from a to z" is often misused to refer to someone with a diverse body of work, but in drummer Kenny Aronoff's case it might actually be true. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Aronoff has been one of the most in-demand drummers around, both for studio and live work.

Although he's best known for his years backing John Mellencamp, Aronoff has also worked with such heavy hitters as Bob SegerAlice CooperBonnie Raitt and country legend George Jones. Recently he's been hanging out with Chickenfoot while Chad Smith has been busy with his work in the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

All that work beating the skins is enough exercise to keep a guy fit, and that's why Aronoff was nominated to play the Incredible Hulk in our classic rock version of 'The Avengers.' We spoke with him recently about his incredible career, which we'll have for you soon. But for now, enjoy this brief segment where he discusses his nomination and his competition in the category.

With the Avengers movie coming out, we’re currently running a poll to determine what rockers might be able to play each superhero in a classic rock version of the movie. Your name was one of several that popped up as a possibility for the Incredible Hulk.

I know! Dude! I just got something on Google Alerts and I was like ‘this is f--king awesome!’ I love it! I f--king love it! That is so cool. It just means that I’m muscular and in shape!

Well, you’re currently losing to Meat Loaf.

What? [Laughs] Okay, after his name was mentioned....Meat Loaf would win for sure with the craziness of the Hulk! You know what? What they should do is meld him and me together. Because his physique...well, he’s not ripped, but he’s got the attitude and that kind of demeanor of the Hulk when he gets green.

That was one thing I wanted to point out, is that the other people on the list - Tom Petty, Axl Rose and Meat Loaf - were put on there for temper issues.

Tom Petty? [Laughs] The Hulk? He’s more like the spiritual being!  [ed: not always]

You’re the only one who wasn’t nominated on that criteria. We just thought you looked bad ass enough to pull it off. That says a lot, I think.

Yeah, I like the fact’s probably my whole physical demeanor, because I’m not very big, I’m just cut and muscular. Let me think....Axl Rose, wow, for temper for sure, he wins and for craziness. He’s up there...and this is not in a bad way...this is all being in comparison to me and from what I’ve heard. Meat Loaf, I’ve worked with him a bunch, on three of his records. He’s like....I love that guy. And I think it should be me and him melded together, my muscular cut with his persona and presence. You know, that’s a tough one, man, because he could be the Incredible Hulk in a certain period of time when maybe he was just watching a lot of TV and eating ice cream.

“Persona.” That’s a good word, because Meat Loaf has a definite presence.

Oh my God. Well, I could tell you stories, but I’d be scared it would get out in the press. I’ve got some good ones, holy s---.

You’ve played with enough people that I think you have good stories about quite a few people.

Mmmmmm. Dude, I could write the book, but I’d better have a lot of money ready for the lawsuits.

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