One of the biggest movies of the summer, 'the Avengers,' is almost upon us, and after watching about a million ads for the film, we started wondering which classic rockers could fill in for each of the team's superheroes.

Two of the answers came to us so quickly and obviously that there's no need for a vote; Ted Nugent is bow and arrow master Hawkeye, Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott is Nick Fury, and that's that. But there's some interesting choices for the other roles, and we'd like you to choose which rocker gets the job over the next few pages:

Iron Man

Let's start with everyone's favorite armored billionare inventor, Iron Man. Tony Iommi springs to mind for a few reasons: he looks like an older Robert Downey Jr., shares a first name with Tony Stark, and it just so happens he wrote an amazing Black Sabbath song called 'Iron Man.'

But do you know who else fits the bill both looks-and-age wise? Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, also a master facial hair groomer.

And if you want to focus on the genius inventor side of Stark's character, how about noted guitar and amplifier innovators Eddie Van Halen, or Tom "Rockman" Scholz from Boston?


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