Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani might just be ready to collaborate again, even as the fourth anniversary of Chickenfoot's last studio release looms in September.

Sammy Hagar says, via Facebook, that he spent Friday (Aug. 28) in the studio with Joe Satriani as the guitarist "gears up for his world tour to support his awesome new CD – and he and I are always messing around with song ideas to see if it tastes like chicken ha ha."

It's a small breakthrough in a stalemate situation, and it might not be the only one.

Satriani has admitted that he turned his attention to recording solo projects like Shockwave Supernova after a frustrating wait for the all-star Chickenfoot (which also includes Hagar's former Van Halen bandmate Michael Anthony and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) to reconvene. With so many big names in the band, timing has often been an issue. Smith, for instance, is in the studio right now with the Chili Peppers.

For his part, Sammy Hagar has been reticent about the idea of producing new material – often citing the expense in an era of soft album sales. But he's also talked openly this summer about playing together. "I love Chickenfoot," Hagar told Eddie Trunk. "I want to do special projects with them. I want us to go play Bonnaroo; you know, I want us to go play big festivals and just one-offs and things."

In the meantime, Hagar and Anthony are returning the road with the Circle, a smaller-scale group also featuring Jason Bonham and Vic Johnson – and Hagar is promising a studio effort to follow up their live 2015 project, At Your Service.

"I want to see what [the Circle] can do in the studio," Hagar told Trunk. "I've got a vibe on what I think this band will be, and it ain't classic rock, believe it or not. I want to play, like American folk rock, with a heavy edge. ... Remember the Band? Yeah, write lyrics about America, and about the world. I just have a feeling that this band might be able to do that really well. We'll find out."

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