Several months after posting a series of demos from what's being billed as an upcoming album project, the members of Chicago have released the first single from the sessions, 'Somethin' Comin', I Know.'

As shown in the behind-the-scenes video above, the band is recording its new material on the road, using a mobile setup called 'The Rig' that they can work with in hotel rooms between shows. In theory, it should allow for an increased creative pace from the veteran band, which has released new material sporadically since concluding its last run of Top 40 hits in the late '80s. Chicago's most recent studio album, 'Chicago XXX,' came out in 2006, a full 15 years after its predecessor, 'Chicago Twenty 1.' (The nine-album gap in the band's trademark sequence of numerical titles was filled with an assortment of compilations, live releases and Christmas records.)

'Somethin' Comin', I Know' was written by band founder and keyboard player Robert Lamm, who penned it with Gerry Beckley of America. As longtime fans know, the Lamm/Beckley partnership goes back a number of years, once forming two-thirds of an all-star trio that Lamm and Beckley founded with Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys before the latter's death in 1998. (Beckley/Lamm/Wilson's only album, 'Like a Brother,' was released in 2000.)

Produced by frequent Lamm collaborator Hank Linderman, 'Somethin' Comin' is a midtempo number that rests on a skittering drum program and a restrained Lamm vocal while making plenty of room for the band's signature horn section. As bassist Jason Scheff puts it during a vocal session captured in the making-of video, "You should hear the horns -- you will."