After decades of eligibility, Chicago will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year — and they might celebrate by reuniting onstage with former frontman Peter Cetera for the first time in more than 30 years.

"We love to play, and we're ready and willing to play if that's what is required or desired," co-founding keyboard player and singer Robert Lamm told Rolling Stone. "I talk to Peter from time to time. I know he hasn't played bass in many, many years, as fine a bass player as he was. He'd certainly sing, at least I imagine."

Lamm added that although there had been "opportunities and discussions over the years" about getting Cetera back onstage or in the studio with his former bandmates, they've never panned out — and in fact, he hasn't played with Chicago once since departing the lineup in 1985. "I guess if it was ever going to happen, this would be a prime opportunity. And personally, I'd find it very moving." Original drummer Danny Seraphine, who left in 1990, and keyboardist/singer Bill Champlin, whose 20-year stint coincided with some of the band's biggest hits, were not mentioned.

After all the years the band's been eligible for induction, Lamm admitted he's surprised Chicago is finally entering the Rock Hall — but he insisted he never took their exclusion to heart.

"I think that the body of work, even just considering the work we did on the first album and beyond, certainly changed the face of pop music and is considered influential," said Lamm. "As a composer, I can tell you that a number of songs that Chicago recorded have been sampled a number of times by contemporary artists, so that's an indication that the music seems timeless."

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