July 8 will see the release of 'Now,' the 36th album by Chicago. Ultimate Classic Rock is pleased to have the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for one of its songs, 'Love Lives On.'

The song is a collaboration between bassist/singer Jason Scheff and founding member and trombonist James Pankow. Scheff brought the song into the sessions and, as Pankow says in a press release, "I was so moved by the haunting nature of the song I begged to add my signature. Jason and I got together and -- wow! -- we came up with something very special!"

"You just never know where songs are going to end up," adds Scheff. "You just start batting ideas around, sharing life's experiences and then something magical happens. We never really thought it would have the impact it's had but it's taken on a life of its own, as songs often do. It's almost as if the teller of the story could be speaking from the afterlife and people are starting to come forward telling us that's what they're thinking about when they hear it. It's one of my favorite compositions I've even been involved with and feel lucky to have been at the right place, at the right time to have helped capture it.”

'Now' is currently available for pre-order at their website, iTunes and Amazon. Those who pre-order at iTunes will receive an immediate download of 'Love Lives On.'

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