We're doubling up on our tattoo recognition game today, giving out twice as many visual hints to help you identify the owner of these imposing yet somehow loveable works of permanent body art.

As you can see, we're dealing with a big blue flaming dragon on one side, and sort of a vampire / grim reaper skull on the other. Now, regarding hints we can share without giving too much away, well... the owner of these tattoos has a career composed of two very distinct eras, and either one on its own would be enough to cement his reputation as one of the most important icons in modern rock history.

He's also been a star on television, in movies, a successful newspaper columnist and recently became a best-selling author. He's had more than his fair share of brushes with authority, but has been toeing the line as a good father and husband for years now. Think you know which rock legend we're talking about here?

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