Bruce Springsteen said he made a concert movie that features a complete performance of his new solo album Western Stars, because he won’t be touring in support of the release.

In recent months, he revealed plans for a new E Street Band album and road trip, explaining at least part of the reason behind the absence of activity for the latest LP.

“We knew we weren’t going to tour,” Springsteen told SiriusXM (via Rolling Stone). “I was looking for a way to get some of the music life to an audience … so we figured that was the best way to do it. We’re looking forward to getting it to the fans when we can.”

Discussing fan response to Western Stars, he recalled that he "thought the record was a little off to the left and I really didn’t quite know what kind of response it was going to get. But just walking around and talking to the fans on the street and seeing how the record was received was very exciting. ... It made us look for how we can further that experience for the fans without going out and playing live right now, because I’m still working on some other things.”

Springsteen also talked about the effort he’d put in to build a fan base that “really follows me where I need to go." "That is something that is so deeply appreciated by me," he said. "It’s really something I’m proud of. They aren’t stuck in a rut. They don’t only want to hear [a] specific group of songs. They are really adventurous … it’s a lovely thing and I just want to send a thank-you out to my great audience.”

Reporting that he was also delighted with the response to his 2016 memoir and the resulting Broadway show, he said, “It’s just been a nice development along with this record and I’m looking forward to keeping that roll going.”



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